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How to Genetically Engineer Your Children to Be Rich

18 May

a woman's face divided into a puzzle symbolizing genetic engineering

Designing the Perfect Human


Designer Babies-R-Us

There has been a lot of debate in the news lately about the fears of creating designer babies and the implications it could have on our society, and on future generations of humanity if those new genes get passed down.

But that’s no fun to talk about, so let’s see just how we could design the ultimate child.

In this article, we will discuss how to engineer your child to have the highest possible chance of being wealthy.  I mean super wealthy – like rose gold plated iPhone 6 wealthy.

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How Rosalind Franklin Proved The Shape of DNA

27 Jul

Google celebrates Roslind Franklin

The Google Doodle Celebrates the Life and Discoveries of Rosalind Franklin: The First Person to Photograph DNA’s StructureRosalind Franklin young photo

On Thursday, July 25th, you may have noticed Google’s homepage altered to celebrate one of the key discoveries in science: the discovery of the structure of DNA. But their doodle didn’t refer to the usual men celebrated for its discovery – instead it acknowledged an often overlooked woman.

Most of the recognition for the discovery, including the Nobel prize, went to James Watson and Francis Crick, but few were aware at the time that their theory hung on the work of a young woman named Rosalind Franklin.
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