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The World’s Oldest Living DNA

23 Jul pando genes

The Most Successful Genes on Earth

How to be genetically successful

What makes an organism successful?

Longevity  – Tortoises can live over 200 years

Strength – Rhino beetles can carry over 850 times their own body weight

Reproduction – Rabbit females can produce up to 100 babies per year

Accolades – Jonathan Goldsmith , “the Most Interesting Man in the World”, has won the lifetime achievement award, twice.

most interesting man in the world

If you measure genetic success as the ability to reproduce one’s unique DNA the most, (which makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint since DNA continuously changes as organisms adapt to different environments and a genetic code that spreads more than others would seem to be better adapted) then the honor must go to one of the most unique organisms on the planet:  The Pando Tree.
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